Investment Philosophy
Finrock is currently seeking invests in the online compliance training industry. We like companies that are benefiting from strong sector trends, have distinctive and scalable business models, and will benefit from our experience, expertise and capital. We typically commit $5to $25 million in capital to an investment. We may also consider financing smaller or larger transactions for the right opportunity.  

Sector Focus
We have a strong preference for investing in the online compliance training companies that have a sector focus, preferably within an industry.  We are generally not seeking services businesses and general soft skills training.  We like businesses that can differentiate themselves through specialized capabilities, customer service, proprietary content/information, or other types of intellectual property.  

Investment Criteria
In general, the companies in which we invest have the following characteristics:​ 
- Revenue ranging from $1 to $10 million​ 
- Growth potential of over 10%​ 
- EBITDA greater than 10% or $500,000 ​ 
- More than 5 Years in business and at least 3 years of profitability​ 
- Significant recurring revenues