Finrock is actively investing in the software and recurring services sectors. We are particularly interested in businesses that meet the following investment criteria:


  • Growing market for products and services (>10% annual revenue growth in the last 3 years)

  • Providing software or services to businesses or the government (Business to Business)

  • Focused on an industry or a niche functional area


  • 3 + years of profitable operations

  • Differentiated product/service offering

  • Dominant market position in a specific niche


  • Businesses headquartered in US or Canada


  • Revenue: $5 to 50MM

  • EBITDA: $1 to 10 MM

  • 75% or more recurring revenue from same cohort of customers year over year

  • High gross margins (> 70% for software and > 35% for service businesses)

  • Growing > 10% Year on Year for the last 3 years


  • Transition from running the day to day operations and/or retire

  • Majority sale of the business to achieve liquidity


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