Our Approach

At Finrock we understand that selling your business is a major decision for you.We have been in your shoes before and realize that some or all of the following questions might cross your mind. We aim to proactively address these hopes and aspirations for business owners through early conversations and by demonstrating flexibility in how we structure deals.

  • Valuation: Will I receive a good and fair price for my business?

  • Confidence to Close: Does the buyer understand our business, or will we have to go through an extended period of time educating them on our business only for them to change their mind at the last minute?

  • Trust: Do the buyers have a track record of doing as they say after the LOI is signed, and after the transaction is complete?

  • Legacy: Will the buyer seek to build on my legacy and take care of my employees, or intends to flip my business for profit in the short term?

  • Capacity to Close: Does the buyer have the financial capacity to close the investment? Do they have a successful track record of buying/investing in businesses similar to mine?

Our Investment Process

Our due diligence process is informed by our focus and experience in acquiring and running businesses that are very similar to yours. We understand that you have a business to run while we perform our due diligence. That is why, we keep our information requests focused, efficient and predictable. Our intent is to reduce the burden on you while also allowing you to plan ahead. We adhere to the following broad timelines:

Finrock Vs Traditional Investors

Our approach to making investments has been shaped by over a decade of experience working with business founders. We are focused on the software and recurring business services sector and have a reputation for talking straight, moving expeditiously and getting the deals done timely. We are backed by some of the same investors that are behind leading private equity firms in the nation but have a more entrepreneur friendly mindset. Unlike strategic buyers who are typically looking to selectively absorb your people and operations into their organization, we are looking at your business as our primary investment platform for many years to come.

If you are interested in speaking with us about your business, call us at 512-861-8788 or contact us online today.